About us

Jeff Smith received a B.B.A. degree in Marketing (1970) and Ph.D. in Political Sciences (1978), both from the University of Texas.  During his academic career, he published a book and two articles dealing with voting behavior and presended papers at a number of academic association meetings.

His professional involvement in survey research began during the Carter campaign in 1976, when he worked for Pat Caddell as Director of Sampling at Cambridge research in Boston.  Since then, he has continuously engaged in survey research and has served as the principal pollster in a number of political campaigns.

Dr. Smith is involved most heavily in two crucial stages of every project - the research design, including questionnaire development and definition of sampling strategies, and analysis of survey results, including the final written report.  Reports are more than pages and pages of indecipherable numbers; special care is taken to present survey results in a format that is accessible to those without technical background, in both the computer-generated data analysis and written report.